In hotels, on cruise ships, in golf schools or in your own home, golf simulators by INDOOR SPORT SYSTEMS amaze with pure innovation, revolutionary solutions and high-grade quality. Our internal product development ensures continuous improvement of simulator technology, which impresses customers with unmatched performance and precision. The following innovations are INDOOR SPORT SYSTEMS only:


As Europe’s only cabin manufacturer as well as the leading developer and producer of golf simulation software, we are the leading full-range supplier of indoor golf systems. We plan and build golf cabins of unmatched quality in almost all dimensions with our expertise. We fit every cabin to the individual situation on site and also consider both the height and swing radius of our clients. Optimum standard measurements of 4.5 x 3.1 x 5.4 m (width x height x depth) aside, we offer special solutions that we plan as a holistic concept taking the smallest of details into account.


Irrespective of the golf cabin dimensions, we offer screens as flat-screen or curved-screen versions.
No matter how often or at which speed the golf ball hits the screen, damage such as tears or even fully penetrating shots are impossible with INDOOR SPORT SYSTEMS. The two-layer screen features projection-ready coating on both sides and facilitates excellent image quality. Our golf screens are acoustically insulated, preventing loud impact sounds. While other providers sew the screens together in the middle, INDOOR SPORT SYSTEMS is the only provider offering one full, continuous surface without visible seams.


Hundreds of golfers can’t all be the same and their hundreds of golf hits are each different, too! It won’t be any different for you: no two hits will be the same, even though each hit is your personal hit.

If you’re playing on an ISS ATMOS indoor golf simulator, you can always 100% rely that your personal hit is simulated and displayed in real time. Not just any hit, but only your personal hit. How does it work? Thanks to specially developed measuring tools, ISS INDOOR SPORT SYSTEMS is able to measure precision and steady ball recognition so exactly that a calibrated precision of over 96% accuracy can be guaranteed. Even for thousands of hits over several hours!

The result: unmatched realism thanks to real-time measurement for every one of your hits. You only get to enjoy this one-of-a-kind precision for every hit with ISS INDOOR SPORT SYSTEMS!


Detailed analyses – for individual shot training or for club fitting – can be retrieved from ISS simulators at any time. Pros appreciate the extensive evaluation of shot data for the precise analysis of each individual shot. Twelve different factors, such as start and side angle, spin axis, carry and smash factor, are listed precisely, providing valuable insights for improving your own game.


A picture says more than a thousand words: The club head analysis shows the exact path taken by the blade to and through the ball in extreme slow motion. Unaltered images reveal what the naked eye cannot see. Two millimetres can be decisive for the perfect shot, as in “to be or not to be”.


Using two optional additional cameras, the ISS video analysis shows the player his shot from the in-line and the frontal perspective. Right-hander or left-hander, place your own drive next to a shot video of a professional golfer or your golf instructor and compare the two shot movements. Drawing in various position and angle lines (target versus actual performance) shows the comparison even more precisely.


If you’ve stood in an ISS golf simulator cabin before, you know what we’re talking about. The high quality that gives our clients utmost satisfaction is thanks, among other things, to the first-class floor modules. These create the sensation of actually being on a golf course. Our double-insulated special floor, which offers the player nature-like floor conditions, is the result of years of development. It facilitates joint-friendly shooting through the ball, even if the blade gets stuck in the grass.


Back in the day, the entire floor had to be changed when the tee-off area was worn down. Exchangeable tee-off mats save time, money and unnecessary effort. If the mat is worn out, we insert a new one. Other exchangeable mats simulating different kinds of grass and sand pits will soon be available. In other words, your golf simulator by INDOOR SPORT SYSTEMS will be even more realistic.