Pure golf fun is guaranteed when standing to tee-off from a INDOOR SPORT SYSTEMS golf simulator seeing the most beautiful and most famous golf courses before you. They are presented in hybrid quality – unrivalled throughout Europe – a combination of real image and 3D computer simulation technology only available at INDOOR SPORT SYSTEMS. As the only full-range supplier in the world, we offer made-to-measure simulator cabins tailored to your wishes and combine them with our specifically developed golf simulation software ATMOS. The result is an incomparable indoor golfing experience satisfying our clients. Our revolutionary technology is even used by professional and tour players making INDOOR SPORT SYSTEMS the number one on the market.


Three high-speed cameras capture the impact moment of the blade on the ball (club head analysis) and its flight characteristics, such as speed, angle of elevation and spin rate (ball trajectory analysis) with up to a thousand images per second. An additional optional camera system consisting of one front and one side camera facilitates individual swing analysis.


Every shot is unique! Contrary to other providers, which only show default flight trajectories with a few seconds of delay, our golf simulators record a wide range of parameters showing the ball trajectory immediately at the moment of impact. Utilising impact angle, shot speed and spin rate, ISS simulators analyse precisely how fast and how far the ball flies and in which direction, thus excelling with unrivalled realism. No one has more data!
Speaking of speed, ISS simulators are also the leading product when it comes to capturing the slowest balls. They are the only system that precisely and realistically visualises putting.


The authentic golfing experience of the most famous courses in the world extends to the audio level. 5.1 sound systems simulate the courses in a true-to-life manner. You will hear the chirping of birds, the quacking of ducks, the rustling of grass in the rough. And not to mention the thunderous applause when holing.


Manage your personal golf experience with just one screen. The touchscreen is available in two different sizes. A clearly structured menu with large control areas facilitates easy operation of all functions, such as choosing courses, shot data analysis and video analysis.


Purchasing a simulator cabin by INDOOR SPORT SYSTEMS gives you a complete home cinema system. The system comes with several HDMI ports for TV and gaming consoles, a laser beamer projects directly onto the screen. No modifications, no extensions, just plug & play – there are no limits to your imagination!